Students unite for change is an innovative online classroom resource to assist teachers in exploring government and civic participation with their students. Students will learn about problems in their community and the role they can play in monitoring and influencing government.

This site will provide a step by step, problem solving framework with educational modules to engage and unite students. Each step will take students closer to solving a problem in the community and learning about the role of government throughout the process. was developed by the Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc. and the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara as part of the Civitas International partnership program. Adapted from the Center for Civic Education's model Project Citizen curriculum, expands the traditional program to allow for online classroom partnerships and step by step modules.

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Step 1:
Getting started
Step 8:
Citizen Participation and Public Policy
Step 2:
Getting to Know Each Other
Step 9:
Selecting a Problem
Step 3:
Types and Purposes of Government
Step 10:
Researching and Gathering Information
Step 4:
The Need for Government
Step 11:
Examining Alternative Policies
Step 5:
Our Constitutions
Step 12:
Developing An Action Plan
Step 6:
Citizen Participation
Step 13:
Putting it Together
Step 7:
Public Policy
Step 14:
Reflecting on Your Experience


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